Monday, February 27, 2012

Interview with author of Always You

1. Why/How/When did you start writing?
I started writing fiction only a couple of years back. I cannot say I always wanted to be a writer though I could always express myself better through words. Some of my first writings were 4-5 pages long letters to my close friends. :) Then thanks to encouragement from friends and teachers, I realized I actually write better than others. But I never took it seriously till I start freelancing. I wrote a lot of non-fiction articles but every time I would read a fiction book, I would get this itch to write one too. I have always been an avid reader. So, when I actually started writing fiction, it felt very comfortable. Since then, writing has always been my favorite therapy and a path to complete happiness. I love the creative process of building a story. 

2. Did Always You have another name? What was it and why did you change it? And if not, what would you change it to?
Always You went through several changes! First it was "Casanova in love". I thought that it was a tad cheesy. Then, I went for "Memories Rustle". I actually liked that name and had stuck to it for a while but the more I thought about it, the more sad it sounded to me. Then I even thought of "Yours Forever". But that did not work as well. I have troubled so many of my friends, family to give me a name! Finally one fine day, I decided "Always You" and promised myself not to think about it again. It is apt as well especially because in the story, Alex and Lyla always loved each other. They just didn't acknowledge for a long time. 

3. What inspired you (author, book, etc.)?

Always You was a result of 3 days and nights of Mill and Boons books. It was couple of years back when over a long weekend, I did nothing but read several Mills & Boons books and thought I can write so much better! Pretty arrogant statement at that time but I did start on this book but never quite finished it. I finished it 2 years later while on another holiday 6 months back. It has been amazing since then.
4. What is your favorite 2011 book?
Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa. I have not enjoyed a book so much since some time. Plus, there is a lot to learn for a writer in that book. 

5. What does it feel like to get published? Dread, happiness, anxiousness?

All I would say. Happiness for finally having your book and name out there. Anxiousness and dread that people may not like your book. But its mostly happiness. The very fact that someone has taken the time out of their life to read your book is honor enough to not complain again. I love that. Its thrilling to say the least.

So... um... I feel bad because I knew there was something missing from my Always You post and this was it ... DANG IT!

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  1. LOL. Thank you for posting it! It was a fun interview and please don't feel bad. You are already too kind to me. :)