Thursday, February 23, 2012

Destiny's Revenge : Book Review

Destiny's Revenge (Destiny #2)Hey, my roses!

Title : Destiny's Revenge

Series : Destiny
Pages : 278
Author :  Nancy Straight
Publisher : Self-Published
Format : Paperback
Source : Book to review from the author

Summary: There was no reason for Lauren to be in a coma. Her physical injuries had healed, but she had been non-responsive for so long that her doctors told her family and Max to move on. She awoke to find her life in a shambles; the man she loved was gone, her friends had moved on with their lives, and her family was ripped apart by her accident. No one knew of the evil forces watching, waiting for her in the shadows, in the lonely corners, even in the eyes of those she loved. Lauren needed to reclaim her destiny, to get her life back; the last thing she ever expected was Destiny’s Revenge.

My Opinion:

Destiny's Revenge arrived in the mail about two weeks after I had read Meeting Destiny, the first book in the (GREAT) trilogy. I couldn't wait to received my own (AWESOME) copy of the two next books! As soon as the two arrived, I began reading this book.

At first, I couldn't believe how much I liked the first one, so I dug into the second book excited AND apprehensive. But, how stupid was I! The first and second book were so good, l because the author is simply AMAZING!

I love how Lauren evolved so much during the second book. And slowly, but neatly. But I kind of hated how Max and Samael... yeah.... I don't want to included spoilers....

Destiny's Revenge is full of perilous twists, and holds a great story.



  1. Thanks for the great review! I'm glad you liked it!

  2. There are only so many words that can describe a book that is so amazing you cannot get it out of your I am just going to be simple and say this book rocked, even more so than the first. The characters are amazing, the idea of the story is incredible, and I can't get enough of it. Nancy Straight has come up with an authentic twist to the paranormal concept and I commend her for it. I loved that in this book we were able to get Max's perspective on what was going on in his head. Lauren and Max's relationship was mind blowing. There were a few sensual scenes in this book, but I loved how the author was able to keep it sweet and romantic without going into strong detail and making it explicit. Overall, the book is great. Read Meeting Destiny first, in order to the full of effect of everything going on. I assure you that if you love a good paranormal romance, this is the series for you. I cannot wait for the next book in the series and I'm positive it will just as amazing as the first two. Well done Nancy.