Saturday, February 11, 2012

Books to Movies - Why a Trend?

As you can see, this is my second 'Why a Trend'. I loved doing the other one, and so I am doing another one on :

Books to Movies

So, yeah, it seems like a lot of movie producters/makers/distributers have a dream; to be like Summit Entertainment, which is the distributer that made Twilight. Now, I know lots of you are like 'Oh, Twilight sucks' But Twilight was still pretty popular (as are the sequels) and make a lot of money. As did Harry Potter. So, I've seen lots of books are in the making of movies (and The Hunger Games is already and will be out March 23rd!! *Can't wait*), like Beautiful Creatures (which I love), The Host (which I love), and Legend (not in the process, but possibly!).

What I love about that is to see if I see 'eye to eye' with the producers and the author on the books' characters and settings. Also, to see if the chosen actors do justice to the book.

But what I dislike is also that, after I see a movie and reread the book or read the next book, the actors take the place of the characters' images in my mind and it leaves me nothing for my imagination to work on!

Overall, I kind of like and don't like books to movies!

So, roses, what do you think?


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