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The Peculiars : Book Review

The Peculiars

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Title : The Peculiars
Series :  -
Author : Maureen Doyle McQuerry
Pages : 354
Release Date : May 1st 2012
Publisher : Amulet Books
Format : ARC
Source :
** An ARC was provided by Amulet Books in exchange of an honest review!**

My Opinion :

The Peculiars (and I always forget to write and pronounce the i, because I think it sounds better! You know, The Peculars!) is Maureen Doyle McQuerry's debut YA novel (huzzahh!)

The story is set in the alternative late 1800s (it's steampunk!), where some people are different; they have wings, or are goblins. They are called Peculiars, and most normal citizens are afraid of them, because they think the Peculiard are soulless, but, no, they are not! And Lena, a young girl who has just hit the age of eighteen, wants to go to Scree, a place where it is rumored to be keeping Peculiars, because she thinks her dad, who left her and her mom at 5 years old, is there. And so, she sets out to find him, but many twists come along the way!

Lena is a really self-conscious, not-confident-at-all, shy and great character. She,S got big hands and big feet, which causes her to be shy and self-conscious, always hiding them as much as she can without being obvious.I feel like the story needed a character just like her, except when she did some things without thinking about them beforehand, which annoyed me a little. I believe she makes the novel more special! And, Jimson... (oh god, I have too much book boyfriends *sigh* and *swoon*) I simply love his ways of making Lena blush. I love the hint of shy love there is between him and Lena (Oh, how I wish I was her!). And the cat... what a loyal cat. And he's weird (*quote taken from ARC on pages 102*) :

'It was unlike any cat purr that Lena had ever heard. It was the sound of muttered words. '' Like a person mumbling something you can't quite catch'' She said as she looked down at the arched back of the cat. '' Exactly. That's why she's called Mumbles'' '
Isn't that funny? Mumbles! (*giggles*) Name your cat like that! Let's do a 'Mumbles Revolution' ! #TeamMumbles YES (*clears throat*) I really love that cat! She's just so loyal and nice and a cutie pie!

I liked the kind of mystery in this book. Because you wonder what happened to her father, where he is, etc.

Also, there were lots of drama, which, as you may already know, I love drama!

A wonderful debut; McQuerry has a way of telling a story like no other.


4 roses!

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Author Bio : 

Maureen Doyle McQuerry writes books for teens and adults. The Peculiars debuts May 1st 2012 with Abrams/Amulet followed by Beyond the Door and Time Out of Time. She is also a teacher, an award winning poet and has written two non fiction books Nuclear Legacy , an IPPY award winner, and Student Inquiry.
She grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area before it became Silicon Valley and now lives in WA State near the banks of the Columbia River with her husband, Dennis. Eagles, wood ducks, a friendly owl and raccoons visit her yard. And once a rogue, wild turkey showed up too.
She loves to travel, hike, bike and eat almond croissants.


  1. Lol @ the weird cat! I have this one from NG I'm looking forward to it now I hadn't seen many reviews on it really!

  2. I'm reading this one right now and it's taking me a long time to read because it just seems really slow.. I guess I need to just keep reading. I definitely agree with you about Mrs.Mumbles though! She's probably my fav character to far haha. Anyway, thanks for the review! :)

  3. I've been very intrigued by this peculiars idea! Sounds interesting. I hope Lena finds her father. So sad that the world outcasts all the peculiars.