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Incarnate : Book Review

Incarnate (Newsoul, #1)
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Title : Incarnate

Series :  Newsoul #1
Author : Jodi Meadows
Pages : 384
Release Date : Jan. 31st 2012
Publisher : Katherine Tegen Books
Format : Hardcover
Source :  Bought - Owned

My Opinion :

Incarnate is Jodi Meadows' remarkable debut novel. (Includes a pretty cover, great writing, an awesome story line and well-developped characters, all in one package! Comment and follow now and you'll get a free virtual hug! Oh, you still get one for reading my review *hugs* But, if you want another, comment :D)

Jodi Meadows' voice is strong. Her book was slow-paced (I like any pace, actually, but it needs to match with the book), and yet, it was all it take for me to relax and enjoy it thoroughly. It was VERY unique... I don't think I ever read a book like that.

In Incarnate, with a dystopian setting, we meet Ana; the child of Li and Menehem. She's a nosoul (from what her mother, Li, believes and has taught her) and a newsoul (to Sam, who she meets after walking away from her mother). She meets Sam while she's trying to run from Sylphs; they are things that burn you (ouch!). And, she decides she'd like it better to drown than die burned (I guess everyone has their preference, even about death *shrugs*). But, Sam saves her. At first, she thinks he wants to use her, or something like that, since that'S what she has ever known; she hasn't been in contact with civilization in 18 years (or her whole life), because she wasn't Ciana's soul. Ciana was the one who died and never came back. She's the reason Ana was born.

I absolutely loved loved LOVED Ana. She may have been mistrustful, but it made her a hard and strong female character; and those are the bests of them all. Even though she didn't feel like she had a place in The Heart (which is the ONLY city we know).

I also really loved Sam; he may have hid some things from Ana, I thought it didn't feel like betrayal. I thought it was great of him to do that.

Stef was a bit annoying. Like the jealous ex-girlfriend of someone who's trying to be nice to you so they can get their boyfriend back. But, aside from that, I liked her.

Did you know you can reincarnate with a different gender... Sam did, once (or twice, thrice, etc.), but every time I read that, I could only picture a guy in a dress and a wig (not a pretty picture, right? *cringes*)

It may have been slow-paced, but it's what made the book wonderful. I could just relax, and enjoy it at my own pace.

4 roses!

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Author Bio : 

Jodi pictureJodi Meadows lives and writes in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, with her husband, a Kippy*, and an alarming number of ferrets. She is a confessed book addict, and has wanted to be a writer ever since she decided against becoming an astronaut.
*A Kippy is a cat.


  1. "... but every time I read that, I could only picture a guy inn a dress and a wig"

    Hahahaha, me too! Or one of those lady boys from Thailand XD

    Great review! I had some issues with this book, but I did enjoy it. And I love the world it is set in!

  2. I loved this book and thought the idea was so unique!