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First Date : Book Review

First Date 
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Title : First Date

Series :  -
Author : Krista McGeee
Pages :  336
Release Date : Jan 10th 2012
Publisher : Thomas Nelson Publishers
Format : eBook/ eGalley (PDF)
Source :  NetGalley - Owned

My Opinion :

Krista McGee brings up a fun and romantic debut novel.

It's been a long time since I have read an eBook, mainly because I have so many physical books to read and review, but I really wanted to read First Date, and so I put the eGalley on my Nook and read it in less than a day (that'S really surprising, because I normally have a hard time reading an eBook fast... probably because I can't bring my Nook to school :S).

First Date is a great contemporary you don't want to miss!

First Date is the story of Addy Davidson, a Christian from Tampa Florida. There's this new show called The Book of Love, and some school in the U.S. can send one girl to the show, where one lucky girl will go to prom with the president's son, Jonathon (what a weird way to write that name!) Jackson. And, Addy gets chosen, even if she doesn't want to be chosen. When she gets there, she learns a thing or two (more, actually :D) about Jonathon. She was prejudiced about him. A lot. And... what if something she didn't plan happens?

First Date was suck a quick and joyous read! I found myself smiling the whole time.

As I said, I read this book in less than a day, mainly because it was so fun and easy to read. The writing was really fast-paced (which was just what the book needed!) and I loved that, because it made it so much fun to read it. The writing may not be anything special, but it is comfortable to read.

Jonathon Jackson... oh god how I loved him! He's just soooooooo... cute and shy and... *giggles*. I loved him so much! I thought he was going to be that spoiled brat, jerk, a$$... but he wasn't (see! I was prejudiced too!).

Addy was really nice. She was a great main character, and even though there were loads of mean girls treating her badly, she didn't lose herself.

Kara was a great friend to Addy too! She was just the friend Addy needed! She could have just joined the mean girls, but she didn't.

The characters are well developed and awesome (and some were bitches!)!

The cover really represents well the story. The girls in dresses are the bitches, and Addy, the normal girl, isn't in a dress. And, of course, the boy is Jonathon *giggles*


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Author Bio :

Krista McGeeKrista writes for teens, teaches teens, and more often than not, acts like a teen. She and her family have lived and ministered in Texas, Costa Rica, and Spain. Her current hometown is Tampa, FL.


  1. I loved this book! I'm glad you liked it too~

    I thought the characterisation was very well done. Addy was likable but not perfect, which made me root for her even more!

  2. I love Krista McGee work she is just brilliant. This book is my all time favorite of hers. I can't wait to see what she come up with next!