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Between the Lines : Book Review

Between the Lines 
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Title : Between the Lines
Series :  -
Author : Jodi Picoult
Pages : 358
Release Date : June 26th
Publisher : Simon Pulse / Simon & Schuster Canada
Format : ARC
Source :  
**An ARC was provided by S & S Canada in exchange of an honest review

My Opinion :

I plainly loved this book. I could seriously marry it. Seriously.

I actually haven't read any other books by Jodi Picoult (I know, I know, shame on me, but they were all Adult books! And this books is Young Adult... and I was going to buy myself a copy when I received an ARC.... I am telling you, I was screaming with joy and happiness. I know that I'm not the only one who doe that when receiving books ;D

Between the Lines is, by far, one of the awesomest books I have read in 2012 yet. It was so refreshing and just plainly entertaining. 

You know how some books you'd recommend to somebody who wanted to get into reading, like The Hunger Games, or Harry Potter... well, that's how I felt for this book. I felt like recommending it to EVERYONE. But, of course, it's not like I've got that much bookish people I know in real life... so that's why I got you guys! *tackle hugs*

Between the Lines is about Delilah,  kind of a loner; she's got only one friend, and has been reading the same book over and over again. And, it's not just any book, but it's a FAIRYTALE... I mean, can it be weirder? Some teenagers read Pride & Prejudice again and again... but for her it'S a Fairytale called BETWEEN THE LINES (which is, as well, the title of this books ;D). But, then, she discovers that the characters in the book are alive. And, she falls in love with Oliver *giggles*

I loved the writing. It was just so good; fast-paced, action-packed, great, awesome, and really fun to read. I literally (no, not literally, Jackson Pearce XD) could marry him.

My favorite character HAS to be Oliver. I just loved him sooooo much. I thought it was cute how he didn't know anything that we think is normal, like Algebra, detention, homework, swim practice. It was so cute ;D

I also loved Delilah; she was a strong and determined character, and she was just greatly developed. She was entertaining.

Between the Lines will be, I hope, a favorite that will go on for years!

I would love  to see this made into a movie; it would just be so cool! I can totally see the potential!


5 roses!

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Author Bio : 

Jodi PicoultPicoult was born and raised in Nesconset on Long Island, New York. Her first story, at age 5 was "The Lobster Which Misunderstood." She studied writing at Princeton University, graduating in 1987, and had two short stories published by Seventeen magazine while still in college. Immediately after graduation, she took on a series of miscellaneous jobs, from editing at a textbook publishing company to teaching eighth grade English classes. Soon after, she attended Harvard University to earn her master's degree in education.
Picoult's novels tend to center on human emotion and complex human relationships. Most of her books' storylines incorporate a criminal or civil case which lasts throughout the book's narrative, concluding shortly before the book ends. In books that don't follow this pattern, an attorney character is still often included. At the end of nearly all of her books, there is an unexpected twist.
She became the writer of DC Comics' Wonder Woman (vol. 3) series following the departure of fellow writer Allan Heinberg. Her first issue (#6) was released on March 28, 2007, and her last was issue #10 (released on June 27, 2007).
She is married to Tim Van Leer,[4] whom she met while in college. They, their three children, Sammy, Kyle, and Jake, and a handful of pets, live in Hanover, New Hampshire.
Nineteen Minutes, Picoult's novel about the aftermath of a school shooting in a small town, has become her first book to debut on #1 on the New York Times Best Seller list.

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  1. I've never read anything by Jodi Picoult because they all seem depressing but I have heard great things about her. I was intrigued with this book since it is her first YA book and with the idea of a book character being real. I mean I think we have all dreamed that! Oliver sounds super swoon worthy and can't wait to meet him. So glad to hear this was great! This is the first review I have seen of this book.